"Still Light, Outside is the fourth album by John Chantler. Originally from Australia but living outside that country for well over a decade, this record marks his exodus from London (where he lived for most of this time) and his relocation to Sweden. Over the four month period leading up to his departure, Chantler made several hours of raw recordings of the pipe organ at London's St John-at-Hackney church. These were then subject to extended processing at Stockholm's Elektronmusikstudion EMS and combined with additional electronic parts created there. Still Light, Outside is an extended suite in four parts that combines passages of stark minimalism centred at the bodily invasive extremes of the organ's register with striking explosions of colour; massed chords shot through with heavy distortion and electronics that operate according to their own dream logic. Whilst realised over a relatively short timespan, Still Light had an extended period of gestation - Chantler first worked with a pipe organ on a project with Carina Thoren (For Barry Ray) soundtracking the a short film by the artist Lucy Pawlak in 2010. He also performed a concert in early 2012 at the Unitarian Church in Cambridge - only finding out the organ was available upon arrival at the venue that day. The recording of that concert was included as part of the Touch Radio series. This release is the first on 1703 Skivbolaget - a new label set up by the artist. No stranger to releasing records, Chantler worked for several years with Lawrence English on his ROOM40 imprint and was also responsible for initiating OTOROKU in 2012 - the in-house label at London's Cafe OTO where he was senior producer from 2011-2014." (label info)
in stock | AU| 2015| 1703 SKIVBOLAGET | 20.90

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