An album we've been waiting for since starting the label a few years ago and it was worth waiting every minute. JOHN HEGRE maintains a busy release and tour schedule with JAZZKAMMER (with Lasse Marhaug), the "Panic" CD on the Bottrop-Boy label and concerts all over the world, his marvellous duo album with MAJA TATKJE on Dekorder and countless other collaborative projects, he has been working on his solo debut album whenever time allowed. Returning to his original instrument the electric guitar, Hegre has produced an extremely diverse album mutating from hypnotic computer-loop drones to some glorious free analogue noise, from abstract banjo-like sketches to thick washes of sludgy doom metal and roaring noise rock, from divine electroacoustic sounds to otherworldly country-esque and classical guitar picking, all within one track, and often all at once, with small and simple melodies lurking within huge drifts of sound... (label info)
in stock | DE| 2006| DEKORDER | 14.80

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