"foresight marks the american-born composer and pianist's third outing for [ parvoart ] recordings and completes a conceptual triptych of improvised works that included in november and recollections. the latter release saw the inclusion of long-standing musical partner oliver sonntag on drums and percussion on two tracks - a role he reprises to greater effect on this release, bringing more structure and rhythmic density to the two extended pieces featured on the EP. the regular pulse and use of repeated motifs that slowly vary melodically and rhythmically recalls the minimalism of john adams and steve reich, which john and oliver have combined with simplified chord structures that won't be completely unfamiliar to rock/pop audiences. the result is a more muscular sound than the more overtly romantic overtones on the previous two releases, although not abandoning a melodic sensibility that is trademark of john's composition." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2009| PARVOART | 6.90

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