"The message: "The 15,000 Day Boat Trip" A stunning soundtrack to an imaginary travel through the oceans of the mind, and the wonderful diary of a lonely traveller across the world. My word: This record sounds like nothing you've ever heard before, a strange alchemy between styles. Completely without genre and extending beyond the boundaries of the infinite! Decades of avant garde, are homaged together in a sort of "harmonic schizophrenia" In this unique distillation of (electro) acoustic music, sound collage, spectral folk passages, free improvisation, and an almost orchestral arrangement for violin and strings. Each subject is particularly approached and concurring in the creation of an ancestral form of a "blues" hybrid. If what you ask from a record is the chance to travel with your imagination, close your eyes and you'll be somewhere between Atlantis and Utopia floating in the hold of this ship full of ghosts! Music Composed, performed and edited By John W. Fail (Cenotaph audio label, past releases on Dronedisco, Ultra Eczema, Lied Music, Spiral joy band)." (label info) Handnumbered and limited to 300 copies.
in stock | IT| 2010| 8MM | 10.00

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