"Consider "Circle Snare" a hard-wrought souvenir. Composed and realized in the midst of a comprehensive Scandinavian/European tour in 2008, John Wiese found himself tangled deep in dialogue with his instruments and ideas. Wiese increasingly scrutinized his native tongue and vocabulary, seeking new forms of grammar and cadence, as only extensive dives in unfamiliar waters can inspire. His given electronic anatomy of drum machine, microphones, tapes, and MSP folded out of their hard accustomed formations, breaking out into a more cogent and vital arsenal. "Circle Snare" is the cumulative result - a finely detailed and dimensional evolution of an already unique voice. Those who have been stalking Wiese all along - through the landmark statement "Soft Punk," to the recent "Dramatic Accessories" LP - will find "Circle Snare" to be a revelatory work. As Wiese continues to travel and work relentlessly and restlessly, we have no choice but to keep up; the circle is a spiral from the side, and the greatest trap is standing still." (label info)
in stock | US| 2009| NO FUN PRODUCTIONS | 12.90

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