"Teenage Hallucinations Collects together the early work of us noise master John Wiese. What's the most amazing thing is, that some of this work dates back to Wiese 's work at the age of fourteen. Even these tracks have a devastating and rewiring of the brain tendency to them, while most fourteen year olds were thinking about first dates and how to get booze, Wiese was creating these amazing body jolting noise structures. The album works backwards starting with the more recent stuff i.e. 1999 to the last two tracks from 1992. The album is made up of 52 tracks, so a lot of the tracks are under the minute ,or just over the minute mark, which gives a great feeling of a endless rippling collage of sound. You're bombarded by rhythmic cluster of sound, your is head sent bouncing down corridors of metallic clattering, your nerves singed by high pitched sound stretches, your guts gurgled by advancing walls of brooding static. An enjoyable and invigorating look at one of noises scenes big hitters early career and even the early stuff pieces are of the quality of noise we've come to expect from Wiese. A wonderful in road, into the work of Wiese, for those who only familiar with him, from his work on Sunn)))'s Black One." (label info)
in stock | US| 2005| vg+/m-| TRONIKS | 5.00

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