Exact repro reissue. Gatefold sleeve. Originally issued by Flying Dutchman in 1970 (current CD reissue is on Water). "Cherry, known best for his exceedingly imaginative jazz improvisation, and Appleton, known for his unusual approach to electronic music, combine several musical traditions and come up with an entirely new sound. Cherry's recent explorations into folk, ethnic and exotic music provide a range of tone color which is subsequently modified by and joined to the music Appleton produces with the synthesizer. The live interaction of these two musicians is complemented by synthesizer configurations which are programmed to respond to the different instruments played by Cherry (wood, bamboo and metal flutes; kalimbas, earthquake drums; coronet with traditional mouthpiece and bassoon reed)." (label info) Recommended.
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2009| FLYING DUTCHMAN | 20.90

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