"Ajenk is the title of the videopoem shot by Jonida Prifti and post produced by Andrea Noce, a flow of conscience which breaks into floating memories. In the Albanian tradition, "ajenk" is the word for the celebration that precedes the wedding, during four entire days, from thursday 'till sunday. It's the moment in which generations meet and confuse, in a suspended time. Through a fluid recut of personal video notes (shot by the author, Jonida Prifti, within the space of a journey to her home country), which act as an outline for a vocal soundtrack composed in verses and pronounced in a regional Albanian dialect, the celebration time experiences a metamorphosis through the personalities that fade into the time of film. The text is recited live in original Albanian language." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2011| TRANSEUROPA EDIZIONI | 14.90

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