"This is the first solo album of Norwegian composer and musician Jørgen Knudsen who was a founding member of highly acclaimed duo Information. This duo had an unique combination of sound and creative methods as well as their interest in connecting music with visuals, texts, dances etc. Information released a few fantastic albums on labels such as Beatservice and Rune Grammofon. Jørgen had been working on his first solo album during last few years, recording and collecting the audio sources for it. Most of these recordings were made in defferent places around the planet: Norway, Iceland, Greece, Chech Republic, Japan, China, Shri-Lanka, Goa, Thailand, Cambodia etc. Generally speaking, "Wealth" has no typical style or even its own specific sound, this record reflects the Jørgen's interests in developing music in many different directions at the same time. Follows its name, "Wealth" is a surrealistic blend of natural sounds and field-recordings, acoustic instruments, exotic voices, delicate melodies in "Thai pop" style, different found sounds and noises. Another interesting fact about this release: the music was composed by Norwegian, recorded around the world, assembled in Cambodia and Thailand & at last, released on Ukrainian record label. Beautiful fotos on the cover of this album were made by Ukrainian photographer Sergey "Doctor" Volkov in Greece." (label info) special offer.
in stock | UA| 2006| QUASI POP | 8.90

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