""Entskidoo" is the fourth solo album of the Cologne-based guitarist, producer and label owner (Gefriem) Joseph Suchy, an album which will no doubt soon be regarded as his "magnum opus". Whereas his first two releases over the past couple of years were devoted to specific variations of his way of handling sound - be it conceptual in nature (Whatness), embodying shimmering layers of sound at the interface between analogue and electronic music (Tonschacht) or vertiginous freenoise (Grob) - this album is the first to uniquely synthesize the polyphrenicity of his particular musical spectrum. Suchys' ability to transcend borders is manifested in his numerous diverse collaborations, be they with Kato Hideki, Kevin Drumm and Jean-Marc Montera or Jan St.Werner, F.X.Randomiz and Ekkehard Ehlers. A first masterpiece of the new decade, which all too clearly consigns the 90s and its conventions to history, is released on Frank Dommert's Entenpfuhl label (also of Sonig and Sieben labels) in CD, LP + 7" formats (the latter together with Yvonne Cornelius aka Niobe and Tim Elzer aka Don't Dolby)." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2001| ENTENPFUHL | 13.90

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