second edition "Joshua Abrams' second album with group from 2012, superb avant-jazz. With the release of Natural Information in 2010, Joshua Abrams entered into a new phase of his creative life, making music with a deep involving groove that communicates the pulsating energies of the human body and the incessant kaleidoscopic interplay of sensory perceptions. Represencing, recorded in Chicago in the summer of 2011 and originally released the following year by Eremite, was the next stride along this exhilarating path. Once again Abrams gives a key role to the guimbri, a North African bass lute, which he had started to play during the late 90s following a trip to Morocco. Its sound when plucked is percussive, emphatic from moment to moment, yet also bouncy and rhythmically propulsive, as if naturally springing forward. A time-honoured instrument, used traditionally in healing ceremonies, the guimbri in Abrams' hands offers an invitation to the trance, an expanded present where time intersects with timelessness. As the title Represencing suggests, this is uplifting music with a serious mission - to express that ongoing present and to give voice to our presence, here and now, within time's continuous flow. Joshua Abrams: guimbri, organ, ms20, harps, bells, harmonium, mpc Lisa Alvarado: gong & harmonium Mikel Avery: drums David Boykin: tenor saxophone Emmett Kelly electric & acoustic guitars Nicole Mitchell: flutes Jeff Parker: electric guitar Tomeka Reid: cello Jason Stein: bass clarinet Chad Taylor: gong & drums Michael Zerang: tambourine" (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | BE| 2020| AGUIRRE | 24.89

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