seam split on left spine ""Rainbow Mask" is a 12" record which contains a long piece on each side. The sound was originally taken from Jüppala Kääpio's first session in Geneva in Autumn 2006. Hitoshi processed Carole's viola and voice through various effectors in realtime. And they kept playing until the studio space was totally filled with our harmony and noises. Side A is a noisy psychedelic drone music which is closer to the original session. It may remind you some of Hitoshi's work as Spiracle. Side B is a quiet work, like an ambient music. They played piano together while listening to the original session, and Carole acoustically overdubbed viola tracks afterwards. Then, the sound of the original session was mostly removed. This side sounds nice by 45 rpm as well. The mask on the cover was made by Carole, when she was 12 years old. The titles of each piece were also borrowed from this innocent craziness." (label info)
in stock | CH| 2010| m-/vg+| OMNIMEMENTO | 12.00

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