"Bei Wanzen Geld zurück" originally recorded 2004 for an exhibition at Sibirische Zelle (Berlin) fills the A-side of this two sided 30,48cm rotating audio-archive. A seemingly empty room with greasy walls is somehow filled by situations and more - of course with happy ending. Side B contains six shorter pieces including the unusual trilogy Mörtel I ­ IV. This is the very first trilogy that consists of four pieces instead of the usual three! A masterpiece using the most modern techniques of composition. (That's also the reason why the additional T is used in the record-title...) All the sounds used for the pieces on Side B where recorded by the author himself mainly for his forthcoming film "Girls In Dirty Aprons" at several places. Five scenic figurines of photographic beauty and understanding of sonic nature! Miniatures Concretes a French maybe would say.... The final piece entitled "Jazz" sets another direction, Eckloff never has shown before. Not Dixieland... the other Jazz! Yes! The not fully printed backside of the coveroffers a lot of space for notes - a new & fresh invention on the fast growing record-market that underlines once more the forward-thinking way 90%Wasser steps on since years." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2016| 90% WASSER | 15.90

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