"JUICY PANIC is a cranky mixed duet based in Normandie (France) who mixes funnily electronics and cartoons nursery rhymes. The DVD section contains several video clips that illustrate Juicy Panic's : "Edelweiss Müller", "Comment s'appelle votre chien?", "Lonesome" and "Otarie tune + an alternate version of "Triffle Triffle" from their Otarie album. The DVD also contains funny computer animations, interactive games to discover Juicy Panic's playful universe, an interactive karaoke, interviews, a real quizz, Japanese lesson with Mami Chan, and other hilarious stuff ... You can read this DVD with MAC (Mac OS X) and PC (windows XP/2000) or with DVD player (Zone 2)." (label info) special offer
in stock | FR| 2005| IN POLY SONS | 4.40

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