""Converting live things in situ from italy, belgium and scotland. So here at last we have the fourth release from live processing queen kaffe matthews. A little later in the year due to a flat out tour schedule and a developing changing process as the violin has finally gone into retirement. Now she improvises with sonic snatches from the venue and around, reprocessing during the show, resampling within the space, playing inside a circle of speakers with the audience. The involvement is full on and some kind of homogenous journey apparent. cd dd swings and rocks through sparkling territories, noisier and more rhythmic at times than previous works, but chilling to a very still place of beauty by the time we get to the third piece, the most recent work on the album which shows a marked shift in her work since the second, the final violin performance from italy '99."" (label info)
in stock | UK| 2001| m-/vg++| ANNETTE WORKS | 8.00

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