"limited to 200. edition fieber's ongoing 7" project combines visionary underground musicians with the vanguard of modern art practitioners. the second release in the series combines cologne born visual artist and musician kai althoff with nyc group arizona, of which kai althoff is a member. as in his music, althoff's art is restless, trying each shade, material and flavour. there are classical drawings and paintings as well as objects like shoes and vases, installations, film works and performance art, including theatre work with a student group. he tilts against the very idea of the artist-with-boundaries. the work often reflects althoff's interest in 'the social', from cafes to supermarkets, churches and prisons, his works often try to capture or characterise what's going on in family-structures, religious surroundings, or big institutions. in the long run it's all about bodies, people meeting and exchanging something profound. for edition fieber he contributes music from his new project 'arizona', as well as music of one of his current favourite artists, the songwriter matteah baim. and of course he also contributed the art-work along with friend and collaborateur brett milspaw." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2011| EDITION FIEBER | 89.00

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