"stolid, minimalist electro funk' Double Science continue to forge ahead with their mission of updating the sound of dubstep's garage ancestry for the new decade, with this tuff 3-tracker from Kalbata. "Wallabee" employs serious dread technology over a paranoid 2-step framework - swollen subs buzz away beneath a swirling cloud of FX, bleeps, percussion and weed smoke, cut deep by the snappy garage beats. Fresh from his genre-defying EP on Tempa, Cosmin TRG drops in on the B-side to re-build "Wallabee" into a UKG/Funky hybrid, with tribal drums, techni-bleeps and digi-melodica layered over militant breaks and seismic subs. Kalbata has the last word on the EP, stripping away the elements from his original track into a streamlined skanker, dubbing the remaining sounds hard over a junglistic bass workout." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2010| vg+/m-| DOUBLE SCIENCE | 5.00

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