""This Forest" is the single side vinyl that italian noise honcho Kam Hassah (also headchief of the secondsleep records) done to the dokuro's catalogue. What Kam Hassah do with "this forest" is to move perfectly a dense stratas of sounds in a hypnagocic way, the rotary slow motion of drones, the layers of reverbarted voices, will bring you down under the moaning branches of this gloomy forest of sounds. A spiral implosion will show you the dark side of your soul where no light can shine and then... under again, in the viscous undergrowth where the beasts crawl. One track of pure bleak catharsis. DK011 will be release in hand-numbered edition of 100 copies with silkscreen sleeves printed by Canedicoda. Artwork done by Kam Hassah himself." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2011| m-/m-| DOKURO | 13.90

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