"Tomoyuki Kanazu is a musician and saxphone player born in 1979 Mie, Japan. Dropped out Aichi Prefectural University of FIne Arts and Music. Joined Many type of groups like Classics, Jazz, Raggae, Fank and more... and he also joined a improvization group called "liveevil" which AFRA, Muneomi Senju, Afrirampo etc joined was made by Takumi Moriya in Osaka. In like these groups, he got his experiences as a sideman in mainly underground scene, and now he is acting with Mujika Easel and routs raggae dub gourp called "GLOBAL LEAF". He release his first album called "Prater" in 2010 from flau. The music world constracted with thoughtfulness but withy and down memory lane. Guest artists: Atsuko Hatano, Mujika Easel (ex Eisi), aus, Cuushe and more." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2011| FLAU | 12.90

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