"kandodo is the solo project of Simon Price, singer/guitarist of The Heads. Price was raised in Zambia and Malawi, which left an indelible mark on him personally, and is manifest in the song titles, artwork, and name of the project. The influence is less obvious on his instrumental music, but Simon says that if there were lyrics, they'd be about animist religions, hyenas, sharks and dusty drives. Named after a Malawian supermarket that he used to shop in back in the late '80's, the debut self-titled album contains mini-sonic soundscapes that start firmly grounded and then go off into the deepest reaches of space. Along the way, Simon touches on influences as diverse as Kraftwerk, Neu!, Eno, Morricone, Stooges, Loop, and Spacemen 3. kandodo is for Price an exploration of tones, chords, and textures that evoke a very particular emotional response, a sense of yearning. These instrumental pieces are lyrical and evocative soundtracks with an elongated and elegant song structure. Describing them himself as "fuzzy lullabies", Simon's pieces undulate as delicate layers are built and removed, easing the listener along a thread of melodies. This is immersive music meant to be listened to at a loud volume or in the space between headphones." (label info) also available on CD.
in stock | US| 2012| THRILL JOCKEY | 16.90

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