"The sounds of kazumasa hashimoto are defined by an elegant and fantastic sound woven by his ingenious talent and sophistication of the classical music he has learned since early childhood. Aside from the "Tokyo Sonata" soundtrack, this album will be hashimoto's newest work since "Euphoriam" released in December 2007 as an original album. His newest work, the first ever album to be centered on "song", invites Gutevolk on all vocal pieces featured. Furthermore, the artist plays all the instruments such as the piano, Mellotron, guitar, base, and drums. The analogue feel of the album which brings out the best of the shimmering and distorted sounds unique to live instruments is another characteristic of the album, resulting in a masterpiece which insatiably pursues the universality of each number and its "strength" as pop music." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2010| NOBLE | 17.50

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