This CD "filmachine phonics" made with the Panasonic personal surround technology, allowed stereo headphone of two channel (L/R) to recreate the three-dimensional sound experience as "filmachine" with twenty four speakers. You can use a set of your headphone/earphone and CD player/iPod to play it and listen to dynamic sound motions such as shifting horizontally, approaching from obliquely upward and pang by in front of you, and finally the sound enfolds you from the behind. You will be able to experience the strange sense of speed that you cannot get on roller coaster, and it is an unknown spatial sound experience. In summer of 2006, the sound installation "filmachine" came out at yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media(YCAM), one of the biggest Media Art centers in Japan. This installation was a multi-channel, three-dimensional sound work, that used twenty four speakers by many of new technology. Its sensitive and dynamic motion of sound appealed to all classes of people, and many newspapers such as Mainichi Newspapers and Sound&Recording(the leading music magazine in Japan) called it "a world-class, new master piece in sound art." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2007| ATAK | 9.90

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