"Over the past few years, Keith Fullerton Whitman has been responsible for producing some of the most engaging electronic music to emerge from the United States. Informed by traditional musique concréte as much as contemporary DSP, his work remains provocative without relying on overt actions or grandiose sonic statements. For his upcoming tour of Australia, Whitman issues this bass heavy journey through processed guitar and electronics - a refined statement of intent from one of the USA's finest." (label info) "Here's a 10:32 piece from 2002, re-worked, turned into a 21:04 piece in late 2005, released in spring of 2006 to correspond with my second Australian tour. Much like "track3a (2waynice)" (the first piece on the "Playthroughs" album), this piece is entirely bi-directional, meaning that it plays the same forwards as backwards (just try to get your head around that...) by far the most woofer-rattling piece of music i've ever made..." (KFW)
in stock | AU| 2006| ROOM40 | 10.90

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