"Oren Ambarchi (guitar & electronics), Keith Rowe (tabletop guitar & electronics). These recordings depart wildly from anything that either Rowe or Ambarchi have produced before. This speaks volumes when you consider the combined weight of their explorations to this point. Amazingly, neither player falls back on past gestures or comfortable proven techniques. The result is four startling electro-acoustic environments. Only David Tudor's Rainforest has gone so far to create a world that is at once highly electronic, yet totally organic, without resorting to base mimicry of natural sounds. It evokes the sea, an immovable mass of fluidity, in a way that Roland Kayn would admire. But having said that, there is little to compare this to. The four pieces on this disc could be field recordings from lost civilizations. Comes in digipak with artwork by Keith Rowe." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2002| STAUBGOLD | 10.90

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