"Ken Ikeda is a video artist and composer born in Tokyo but currently resident in New York. He has exhibited sound art and visual installations and has collaborated with painter Tadanoori Yokoo and artist Mariko Mori. Mist On The Window is his third album, following Tzuki (2000) and Merge (2003), both on the Touch label. All sounds on the record are made with handmade string instruments involving rubber bands and synthesizers. And it was made under the concept to focus on the "vibration" of sounds. He believes the dynamics of the vibration has enough strength to detach yourself from the daily surroundings and lead you to unexpected time and space. In these recordings, he's approach is to create an unique "vibration" and to change the timeline in electronic music." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2007| m/m-| SPEKK | 12.90

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