"Pica Disk is proud to present "Bats in the Attic" - Keränen's solo debut full-length CD. This album has arrived to shatter Finland's pristine reputation. You thought they were a bunch of bland mobile-phone-touting Nords? Think again: from the swamps they came and to a swamp of blistering warped noise they now return. Active for years as Rulla, Tommi Keränen has been keener to raise hell on stage worldwide than to put in studio time. Though he's dirtied his hands as an Incapacitants and Pymathon collaborator and as a member of Testicle Hazard, Gentle Evil and Les Manures, solo releases have been rare indeed. His sound - messy, thick, out-of-control electronic chaos - now reaches boiling point, with source material recorded at the prestigious EMS in Stockholm using vintage analogue synthesizers." (label info)
in stock | NO| 2010| PICA DISK | 13.90

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