"CD1: Lights Out. New album of necro acoustic material recorded 2006-2008. CD2: Malaise. Reissue of the limited edition double cassette previously released on Hospital Productions in 2009. CD3: Decrepit. Previously unreleased material from 1998-1999 and 2008 + reissue of Drumm's tracks from split LP with 2673 on Kitty Play Records (2005) + the limited edition LP on Dilemma Records (2008). CD4: No Edit. New album of prepared guitar material recorded in 2009. CD5: Organ First full lenght release of this classic track heard in edited form on the "Comedy" album. This is the full 55 minute version as recorded by Jim O'Rourke in 1996. Believed to have been lost for years, but recently discovered. Packaged as a solid box with gold print, individual CD-wallets and 24 page booklet." (label info)
in stock | NO| 2010| PICA DISK | 37.90

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