"After an extended period of dormancy, King Kong Ding Dong returns with their first full- length album, Youth Culture Index, recorded in various bedrooms, basements, and other amorphous dwellings over a lazy year and a half period of musical Indian summer progeny. This collection of eleven tracks incorporates pieces built around samples, guitar tunings, stand-up drumming with random melodic percussion and field reverberations. King Kong Ding Dong make tribal, dreamy/nightmarish music with hints of pop. The music incorporates drone experimentation, whammy bar tone bending, and 4- track sound manipulation. This is Rock music reduced to it's core: euphoric, charming, effortlessly smart, unstrained, willingly unhip, and unambitious in the most positive sense, summoning echoes of Drag City-era early Pavement or a heroin-less juvenescent Royal Trux, combined with the DIY aesthetics of several Not Not Fun and Woodsist related bands. The group has performed with Health, High Places, Lucky Dragons, Tickley Feather." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2010| DEKORDER | 13.90

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