"The group rallies from traditional folk to Sonic Youth-style convulsions and back like children in a heated mixed doubles match. Guitarist Andreas Führer, along with singer / drummer Anja Jacobsen and Anders Lauge Meldgaard, have been making the good kind since early 2004 as one of the many acts within the YOYOOYOY collective in Copenhagen. Picking a title for the follow-up to their 2005 debut was a challenge handled with the group's typical youthful creativity. Regardless of how you pronounce Ffffoo K Tsscch, it is a fitting onomatopoeic summation of Jacobsen's tales of sand pirates, porridge lodged in shoes and loving someone "like a swear word in an Arab church." All of these images develop from the simplest pictures formed in her noggin. Elsewhere, her bandmates work the myriad lo-fi effects dotting the disc's 48 tracks (all but ten are short segments of the dizzying Casio keyboard and drum machine improv suite "Saturn Revisited"). The true extent of the band's devotion to electric youth plays out on the Architecture In Helsinki-esque "Tillykke Med Fødselsdagen" ("Happy Birthday") with youngsters from Anja's old elementary school handling verses about cows. There was a dash of pragmatism to the maneuver, though." (label info)
in stock | DK| 2007| YOYOOYOY | 12.50

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