"This is a cold vision of a dark trash covered future full of Sci Fi nightmares and strange out of body experiences. This is the final Kites recording and is perhaps the strangest and most chaotic piece in the prolific discography. Annihilation synth and tape collage, cut up, sped up and dialed to oblivion. Earth Crown steps it back, slows down the pulse, lets the edges of the static curl around the drone to the breaking point, where the damage is let loose, purged out and built again. This LP is a reminder of how cold, desolate, and haunting life can be. In an edition of 400 LPs with inserts, printed labels and silkscreened covers by Shawn Reed featuring art by Kites and Earth Crown. Co-released with Night People." (label info)
in stock | US| 2009| m-/vg+| ARBOR | 10.00

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