"Re-Release of Schulze's Wahnfried project where he collaborated with a lot of different artists. On "Trance Appeal" (originally released 1996) it was Jörg Schaaf who did the computer programming and played keyboards. Klaus Schulze sensed techno in the 90ties as a quite logical progress in electronic music; it was this magic "Techno Trance Appeal" that fascinated him. "Trance Appeal" was the album to come before "Are You Sequenced?" (also in 1996). Klaus followed this influences but stayed 100% Schulze. He created wonderful trance aesthetics, never loosing the Klaus Schulze feel we love so much. The bonus track "Marooned" comes from a later recording session, also with Jörg Schaaf." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2018| MIG-MUSIC GMBH | 17.90

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