"Chad Stockdale seemed like a pretty unassuming guy when we met, but his recordings on tenor saxophone, recorded with percussionist Nate Beier, are really wild. Under the procedural soubriquet, Klondike and York, the pair has released an LP, The Holy Book that treads outsider jazz as strangely as Arthur Doyle might. Stockdale's tone is fractious and scattery, but follows neither the bellow nor the tinkle of the Euro free jazz tradition. If anything, he recalls the strangest players of the American fire music underground, who investigated internal chambers of passion with their reeds blazing softly. Skronky sax, scuddering drums, some wall-eyed synthesizer, everything blended like some sorta weird stew of darkly boiling orgone. It's one of the best free jazz duo records to come out of Sacramento since [your favorite here]. And frankly, it's even better than that." (Byron Coley)
in stock | US| 2002| m/m-| WEIRD FOREST | 13.90

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