"Heading towards their 15th anniversary in 2012, the German-British trio Konk Pack continues to be the gold standard against which any band of electro-acoustic improvisers must be measured. Characterized by a unity in conception and creation the tracks on this exceptional CD were actually recorded in both Houston and Wuppertal, Germany about a year apart. That they flow together so seamlessly can be attributed to the skill and technical smarts of the band members consisting of German analogue synthesizer player Thomas Lehn, plus, from the United Kingdom, percussionist Roger Turner and Tim Hodgkinson on lap steel guitar, electronics and clarinets. With other pressing musical situations looming to occupy the time of trio members, a Konk Pack CD and/or live performance becomes that much more precious. Listening to The Black Hills goes a long way towards explaining why." (Ken Waxman)
in stock | DE| 2010| GROB | 14.80

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