"Ultra Eczema rarely reissues records: firstly, because we believe it's hard to improve on a good original (and we would never want to republish anything that isn't); and secondly, it's called the Internet and you can find everything on it. Nonetheless, in 2015 we reissued Kraus' 'I could Destroy You With A Single Thought', a CDR from 2004, because it was camping in our all-time favourite records list for a decade and the data on this erratic medium tends to erase itself, much like a troubled past. 'A Golden Brain' was published in the first wave of the Covid pandemic via Kraus' bandcamp as a digital release. And once again we couldn't help ourselves. This is Kraus at his best: if a bedroom could be a stadium, he would play the main stage!" (label info) Limited edition of 300 copies. Includes an insert, download code and a UE sticker.
in stock | BE| 2020| ULTRA ECZEMA | 19.90

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