"D.v. Euler-Donnersperg side: unreleased tracks from his wild beehive. Felix Kubin side: Felix Kubin accompanies Rene Clair's silent film "Entr'acte" from 1924 live with a new electro-acoustic soundtrack, which refers to the surreal choreography, the contrasts in content and the fast editing sequences of the film in rhythmic cut-ups. Rene Clair's film "Entr'acte" from 1924 is a real jewel of surrealism and is largely unknown to this day. The director radically experiments with cinematographic effects, provokes absurd exaggerations, which sometimes take on blasphemous proportions, and is not... more. NNOI#... in this series, the recordings and documents of the actors of the NNOI Festival gather and reveal the primitive anatomy of the NNOI that sinks onto the frosted glass of nature, like the printing ink unconscious in the letters of the newspaper. The design of the entire series is based on drawings by frank diersch, made for this project." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2020| 90% WASSER | 18.90

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