special offer "Herve Leroy, a pure Britanny child, has played in various noisy/pop/indie bands before joining TANK's live line-up as the band's main keyboard operator for a couple of years. Herve left Brest a few months ago and then settled down in Nantes, one of the most exciting french town at the moment. Even if most of the music was recorded in Brest, the mixing process has been influenced by Kusak's new hometown. Fluid, warm and sensual, all these words come to our mind to describe the five tracks of his debut record. You cannot file Kusak's record under electronic or laptop minimalism. Guitars and keyboards parts melt with percussions and prevent the tracks against regular boredom caused by claustrophobic and uninteresting electronica." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2002| DIESEL COMBUSTIBLE | 4.90

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