"Rolling like a stone (thus no moss, man), LA Vampires recontextualizes into a new collab EP, this time with SF-gone-NY lovers rocker Ital. Each song was pieced together from a rainbow of sources - screwed tape loops, multiple drum machines, layers of synth lines and phasings, analog samplers, live vocal remixing, etc - and the results are what you might expect: raw asymmetrical bangers blasting down dim concrete hallways streaked with chemical graffiti and bootleg club lights. Too gritty and blasted for dancing but too bangin' to sit still, this is a real mutant zone, a white label 12" found in a sewer seething with dry ice and recorded through a wall. Wake up and weird out. Life's too lame to play it straight. 4 Tracks on black vinyl 12 inches in spineless no-hole Euro-style jackets with 90s videodromed art and layout by Spencer Longo. Edition of 600." (label info)
in stock | US| 2011| m-/m-| NOT NOT FUN | 10.00

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