"The archive with tens of thousands of programme hours stored on sound recording media is the broadcasting station's memory. Over more than seven decades, a broad spectrum of narrative forms has developed in the radio art genre. The aim with the 'soundstories / materialmeeting' project was to extend this spectrum by a further variant: the six-part project is a play with acoustic material and it draws on the extensive historical repertoire of German radio play production: the recordings of historical productions were copied and transformed digitally to render them absolutely unrecognisable. In the radio play studio of Bayerischer Rundfunk in Munich the musicians and authors Console / Thomas Meinecke, Hans Platzgumer / Caroline Hofer, to rococo rot / Stefan Schneider, Hans Nieswandt / Kathrin Röggla, Resut / Thomas Palzer and Zeitblom / Laar / Ulrich Schlotmann were confronted with the newly created audio material: in three days in the studio they wrote, composed and created "soundstories" from the hermetic and non-narrative radio play material and presented them live on Bayern2Radio. The stories and dramas of the past are not told anew; they remain unknown to the authors and musicians involved in the project. The result was 'soundstories' - without any allusion to the content of the historical radio play sources." (label info) Back in stock.
in stock | DE| 2001| m-/m-| INTERMEDIUM RECORDS | 5.00

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