"Repress from 2003 album - essential!! Before the 2003 release of this album, Drexciya announced seven storms would be emerging from their studio, each storm standing for a Drexciya or Drexciya produced album (four being released on Tresor, two on Clone and one on Kombination research). This being the last storm in the series entitled Lab Rat XL and produced in accordance with the Drexciyan R.E.S.T. principle (Research, Experimentation, Science, Technology). Because of the tragic loss of one of the Drexciya members this is also (as far as we can tell) the last ever Drexciya production. This last storm consists of 6 stages of experimentation. The loss of James Stinson before the final track titles were decided upon has meant that the tracks are recognised by the production code Lab Rat and a number from 1 to 6. Much has been written about Drexciya in the 10 years they have been releasing music on labels such as Underground Resistance, Warp, Clone and Tresor, but not one article has managed to capture the magical essence their music contains. Drexciya have always remained true to their principles of exploring new territories instead of repeating themselves (the key to success for many!), instilling their music with an unquantifiable mystical element. This last release consists of 6 magic space electro funk tracks. Ranging from smooth light electro to raw darker tracks, all the Lab Rats have in common is that they dont sound as dark and menacing as some of the early Drexciya, possessing a more positive feeling. (This may be due to the change of living habitiat of the Drexciyans). Sadly we will never know what future experiments might have emerged from Drexciya, but this Mice or Cyborg album is the best last storm we could get. Timeless piece of music!! Showing his talents to full capacity, like he felt it was the last storm.. Tip!" (label info)
in stock | NL| 2003| CLONE | 24.90

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