"Landing Swabs are Sebastian Hammerschmidt and Matthias Schwarz. Operating in the territory of noise rock and free jazz, these two dudes fool around with found objects, microphones, percussions and synthesizers this time. On "Juice of Pictures" Landing Swabs present two improvisations of precise and complex sound excursions. Amplified objects collide with crackling synths, fractured electronics get punctured by strange rhythmic interludes. Although everything was conceived on a purely analogue level, these recordings sound like coming straight from a harddisk. Landing Swabs are masters of sonic disguise. With the simplest tools they evoke concentrated sound distillations of pure abstract beauty. If you are into the electronic side of MoHa! you'll definitely love this release. 50 copies werde made. Be quick or be dead." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2007| BLACKGAPDEATHTRAP | 9.90

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