"No Comment - Before Sunset" is Leonhard's decelerated take and tailor-made for Café Del Mar moments, while the outer space sound of "No Comment - Anywhere" invites the listener to drift into another world. His chilled versions are followed by a number of dancefloor remixes: with "No Comment - What Was The Question Again?", sound architect Thomas Touzimsky piles track upon track, larding its structure with exciting highlights. "This is highend producing, a track like taken from the future" Leonhard raves. Scanner's "No Comment - Angel Z Mix", a 90's style techno remix, also receives his praise: "He really reached deeply into his bag of old-school tricks - contemporary and incredibly danceable". Last but not least, Sven Schienhammer caps it all off with his bubbly underwater sounds of "No Comment - Quantec Mix", a lush dub techno remix." (label info) 6-track EP
in stock | DE| 2012| BINEMUSIC | 8.90

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