"We recorded Patio Bonito in the wettest May we remember. Usually, in Bogota May is a dryish month. But in 2006 Bogota seemed like it was covered by a big grey woolly blanket. The sky looked immense and threatening and when the rain finally stopped the clouds would open majestically to show thick rays of sunshine, like pieces of a pineapple cake. Rain was inescapable and it is all over Patio Bonito. We recorded it in Humberto's house, where we usually record. It's the top floor of a three storey house in a neighborhood called 7 de Agosto and, if you stay quiet, when it's raining, you can hear the drops hitting the tiles on the roof. Which is what happened in several songs. Natural percussion, you might call it. In Bogota, when it rains so much, people tend to stay indoors and probably that spirit of confinement can also be heard on the record (although less clearly than the rain). 'We can not really define the final result. We love it. It sounds like Bogota during a very rainy month. It sounds like that brief and pineappley interval when the rain stops, the clouds open up, the light shines and people realize that the sun hasn't gone anywhere, that it was always up there, waiting to shine again.'" (labelinfo)
in stock | UK| 2007| m-/m-| HONEST JON'S RECORDS | 10.00

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