V.A. - LAS ROTURAS (CD - USED m-/m-)

"W/ MOODMAN, L?K?O, KUKNACKE, DA ADE FELA, DOT, HOI VOODOO. Weird Latin-breaks and musical craziness from M.O.O.D.M.A.N. and the Los Apson crew. This movement remains quite unknown on a worldwide basis, but records like this and the incredible Killed By Bass CD (a recent M.O.O.D.M.A.N. "compilation" on P-Vine) are too devastatingly weird to remain out the hands of the curious for much longer. Described as "This is incredible break-beats album for listening & scratching, with many samplings of 50s -- 70s Latin stuff. Terribly wild but cool," this album reveals layers of inexplicable Japanese humor and sampling inertia at every corner. Extreme spinbacks, prismatic collage of disparate elements (jazz riffs, slow breaks, vibes distortion, numbingly tweaked weirdbeat electronics), and a unique death-mask editorial voice fuse this one into something far outside the typical exotic-mix fare." (labelinfo)
in stock | JP| 1996| m-/m-| P-VINE RECORDS | 15.00

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