"It is our pleasure to present the latest piece of work by Lasse-Marc Riek, a master of field recordings and one of the most distinguished sound artists around. We're following his output for a good ten years now - both his own recordings of bats, birds, snow dogs, islands or harbours, and the countless releases he produced for his (and Roland Etzin's) outstanding Gruenrekorder label which became probably the most important adres for the art of field recordings. The source of the "Schwarm" ("swarm") pieces were recordings of a flight corridor Riek made last year in Hanau-Steinheim, near the Frankfurt Airport. He cut and wove them into two 30 minute tracks which are charaterized by a very specific, at the same time documentary and surrealistic, beautiful and uncanny quality. Mindblowing stuff. edition of 80 copies, with download code." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2015| ALARM | 8.50

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