"Bridge Carols is the meeting of two artists with unique timeless approaches to music. Neo-Americana folk singer Laura Gibson is gifted with a soft and singular voice (not unlike the voices of Josephine Foster and Joanna Newsom) and writes songs that could date back a century or foretell a future rural life. Electronician Ethan Rose is vested in antiquated instruments and technologies - a sonic recycler who, out of the old, has been creating a new form of ambient music. Both are from Portland, Oregon, USA. Their collaboration started with ambient backgrounds and Gibson vocalizing around unused bits of verses from her notebooks. Around these quasi-melodies, Rose has woven ambiences using acoustic sounds (mostly strings, but also piano and bells) and very light electronic textures. Then, Gibson redeveloped her vocalizations to fully inhabit that shared space. Finally, Rose recombined her interventions into new poems. This process has resulted in a CD of insidiously beautiful electro-pastoral music entitled Bridge Carols. Bridge Carols is being co-released by Baskaru in Europe, Holocene in the US, and Headz in Japan. The six-page digipak design and hidden bonus track are exclusive to the Baskaru edition." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2010| BASKARU | 12.90

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