"4 years have been passing since the LAURENT DE SCHEPPER TRIO (who actually became a quartet in the meantime) unleashed their highly praised debut album "Aquanaut": "great band" (De:Bug), "worth listening and important" (Wolf Kampmann / Eclipsed) or "stunning magnificence!" (Subjectivisten) were some of the opinions on the Leipzig-based formation whose sound blends fluidly the progressive now-jazz of NILS PETTER MOLVAER, TALK TALK's ethereal art-pop and the structural freedom of SONIC YOUTH. "Into Olymp" - the title as well as the artwork document an extended band trip to Greece in october 2015 - again turns out a corybantic stylistic balancing act, a brilliant symbiosis of jazz and indie, mature serenity and vital dynamics, sublime finesse and high energy. Complex arrangements, propelled by bass (ISABEL FISCHER) and drums (LARS OERTEL), are the backbone for the multi-faceted guitar play of new member RENE PALFFY and THOMAS BÄR's effect-modified saxophone." (label info) Vinyl cut by RASHAD BECKER, 180gr double LP in gatefold sleeve incl. DL code, editions of 300 copies
in stock | DE| 2017| KARLRECORDS | 24.90

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