"In an audio production world where possibilities have become endless, Perrier designed for himself a very restrictive framework: he asked artists for raw audio materials that are representative of their usual soundworld, and decided to produce one piece of sound art per artist using that material - and only that material, no matter what and how much of it he would receive. He calls it a "one-way collaboration". The results are a testament to Perrier's creativity and sense of balance. Each piece irradiates its namesake's musical personality while maintaining a pace, facture, and intent that are all Perrier's. In that regard, this volume displays a stronger sense of cohesion than #1. "Francisco Lopez" is probably the most immediately identifiable piece of the whole project, thanks to the Spanish composer's unmistakable field recordings. That was to be expected; what was not is how "Tom Recchion" and "Christian Zanesi" seem to build on the foundations laid down in that first piece - same kind of sharp back-and-forth cutting between sounds, same type of non-linear narrative - despite the fact that raw materials are obviously more varied. The results are incredibly absorbing and warrant multiple listens." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2016| BASKARU | 12.90

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