"Lauri Ainala and his brother Olli formed the group Paavoharju in Savonlinna, Finland where the brothers met Emmi Uimonen, Jenni Koivistoinen and some other people. Lauri has been documenting everyone in and around Paavoharju for over five years with anything that he's had at hand from broken digital stills cameras to any old video cameras. Not so long ago in Savonlinna, there was another, hidden, Savonlinna - the Savonlinna of dreams (Unien Savonlinna). It existed in deserted houses, in caves, in abandoned factories and barges - anywhere the boys of Tuote were living. Self-made, serenely timeless, these romantic dens of filth, gilded by summer, also hid inside the most original musical visions and bands in Finland. The main dish on the DVD is a 50 minute film directed and produced by Lauri Ainala. The film could be described as an ambient film, since instead of detailed documenting, it aims to recreate the atmosphere of the Savonlinna of dreams. In addition to the film, the DVD contains music videos, special live recordings, documentary clips, and a picture gallery. DVD features deluxe covers with a 20-page booklet. region free double sided with PAL on one side and NTSC on the other." (label info) Music by Paavoharju, Joose Keskitalo and Harmaa Getto.
in stock | FI| 2010| FONAL | 16.90

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