LCDD - LCDD2 (LP - USED vg+/m-)

some traces from the paper sleeve on vinyl "Second LP limited to 300 copies. The 4 members of the group are joined by Potro Oscilante with his theremin on one title and by Fela Borbone with his Mierdofon on another title. LCDD is an open band. There is no fix line-up. Anyone willing to play the doorags (diy instruments made out of toys and recycled continents) and perform is free to do it using the LCDD name-acronym for Los Caballos De Düsseldorf (The Düsseldorf Horses). LCDD means anything you want: La Concentración De Doorags, Les Couilles Du Diable, Liminal Catharsis Dope Designers, Laughing Cacaphonous Dinner Dishes, or whatever suits the occasion)." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2009| vg+/m-| BIMBO TOWER RECORDS | 8.00

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