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"You can hear the friendship in this music, an almost telepathic musical synergy so much more that the sum of its parts. A back and forth that moves. Compositions with the loose back and forth of an improvisation. Of a conversation. A conversation that continues to develop organically over years. A musical complicity filled with questioning and trust. Working on the outer edges of certain limitations: that they are only two, that they have only the particular instruments they have in front of them, etc. I have always been fascinated by the French literary movement OULIPO who gave themselves limitations in the form of constraints, believing that these constraints would only increase their creativity. Freedom is a dialog with constraint. You can hear the music stretching against its own limits. There is so much more here, music pushing beyond itself, but it is also so often more that is done with less. I have seen Le fruit vert perform live maybe five or six times. If I'd had the opportunity it would have been more. The way they face each other as they play. The singing that weaves together as they face. An inability to always know which sounds came from who or where. How the music they are making circles around and between them. Paon perdu absolutely captures these ephemeral dynamics and more. A record sent from another time. And, also, sent from our time to show us how its done." (Jacob Wren)
in stock | CH| 2017| THREE:FOUR RECORDS | 16.90

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